To All Students: Adherence to Safety measures against the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Memo

As you are aware, our country is currently faced by the Corona Virus Pandemic, and the focus has been centered on preventing infection and spread of the disease. In this respect, the Ministry of Health has continually provided information on preventive and safety measures that include observing high standards of hygiene (washing hands with soap and use of sanitizers), maintaining social distancing and wearing masks when in public places.

This is therefore to urge you to strictly adhere to the advisory by the Government in order to keep yourselves safe from the virus. The University Management expects you to take lead in combating the COVID-19 by observing all the measures announced by the Government.

Thank you and may our Almighty God protect each one of you during this Challenging moment.


As you are aware, the University closed on 17th March 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. At the time of closure, the 2nd semster was coming to a close but teaching for some units had not been completed. The University Management Board and Senate have decided that such units in which teaching had not been completed by the closure of the University should be completed online through the use of the University Learning Managemnet System (Kusoma) and/or Zoom.

>>Completion of 2nd Semester Courses Online Memo

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