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2000 Themes and Functions of Music Traditions in East Africa The International Journal of African Music and Dance of ICAMD.: Vol.1 No. 2., Legon, Accra .Ghana Charles Nyakiti Orawo
2000 Traditional Beer Songs of the Luo People of Kenya.   Charles Nyakiti Orawo
1999 The Adventures of Mekatilili. A Children's Novel based on the legendary Mekatilili Wa Menza and Mijikenda Historical and Oral Traditions.   Orchardson-Mazrui, E
1998 Expressing Power and Status through Aesthetics in Mijikenda Society.

Journal of African Cultural Studies, Vol., 11, No. 1., pp. 85-102. ISSN

Orchardson-Mazrui, E
1997 Ondoro: Luo Musical Genre Journal of the School of performing Arts Vol. 2. No. 2 pp 1-11: (ISSN 0855 – 2606). Legon Accra Ghana. Charles Nyakiti Orawo
1997 Dances of Kenya: A General Overview and Essays on The seven Traditional Dances of selected ethnic groups Of Kenya   Charles Nyakiti Orawo
1994 A Revision Text in Art and Design for Secondary Schools,   Orchardson-Mazrui, E
1990 Redemption  

David Kakuta Mulwa

1990 Art and Design for Forms Three and Four.   Orchardson-Mazrui, E
1988 Art and Design for Forms One and Two   Orchardson-Mazrui, E
1979 Master and the Servant  

David Kakuta Mulwa

  Weaving groups in Kenya. Focus: Ayany Women's Group in Kibera, Nairobi The Australian Hand Weavers & Spinners journal Vol. 55. Paul Kasana
  The use of Plant dyes among hand weavers in Kenya The Australian Hand Weavers & Spinners journal Vol. 53. Paul Kasana
  he place of skilled artists and mastercraftsmen in the Kenyan formal education system Jahazi Journal of the Arts 01 George Vikiru
  A Literary Guide to The River and the Source   Maurice Amateshe
  Place of Traditional African Musical Instruments in Church Service Chemchemi International Journal of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 4 No1. pp83- 9. Charles Nyakiti Orawo
  Creating and Utilizing Handspun Natural Yarns Dyed with Plant dyes For Aesthetic Furnishing Fabric.   Paul Kasana
  Exploring Instructional Promise Through selected Kenyan Folk Songs Chemchemi Research Journal Timothy Njoora
  A study of Wool as an Art Material: A Case Study of Lari and Limuru Divisions of Kiambu District. Kenya.   George Vikiru

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