Prof. Elizabeth O. Mazrui

Title/Qualifications: Professor. FAD, B.A., LSDC, PhD
Department/Unit/Section: Fine Art and Design, School of Visual and Performing Arts
Contact Address: c/o Kenyatta University, Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Associate Professor
Area of Specialization: Art History, Material Culture, Textiles, and Art and Design.
Research Interests: Socio-cultural Studies, Gender Issues, Disability Issues, Human Rights.

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 Latest Publications

  • Art and Material Culture: a socio-historical study of the Mijikenda, published 2011, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8473-0831-7.
  • 1st East African Human Rights Training Program, 2010
  • The link between Art and Human Rights: using Art in conflict resolution. 
  • Ongoing research: “women’s creativity and perpetuation of aesthetics in coastal beaded ornaments”.
  • Ongoing research: “traditional pottery firing techniques in Mbale”, Vihiga, Kenya.
  • Sheila, Let’s Write to God” (children’s story) won 2nd place in the Children’s category in   the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature 2011.

Conferences/ Training Workshops/Seminar Participation

  • Sept-Oct 2010: Training in Human Rights Education titled The 1st East African  Human Rights Programme, funded jointly by the Legal Resources Foundation Trust and Equitas (Canada) at the Karen Holiday Homes Conference Centre, Kenya.
  • June 2007:  Disability, Culture and Human Rights, organized by Twaweza  Communications, Lenana Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Aug 2005:    Leadership in Africa, Workshop at the Hotel Inn, Nairobi, organized by Twaweza communication.
  • Oct 2005:   National workshop on African Designs Awards, Panafric Hotel, Nairobi. (Organized by Evelyn College of Design).
  • 4th- 5th Nov 2004:  Conference: Maternal Deaths and Unsafe Abortion, organized by the Kenya medical Association (I chaired Session V1 on Advocacy and Media).
  • 23rd Oct 2004:  Training workshop on Reproductive Health and Public Health Issues, Organized by the Kenya Medical Association Steering Committee, at Fairview Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.                    
  • 3rd-6th Aug 2004:  The Media and the Construction of African Identities: International conference organized by International African Institute, London, and Twaweza Communications, Holiday Inn, Nairobi, Kenya  (My Poem titled: “Who am I?” was performed at the closing ceremony by the late Bantu Mwaura.)
  • 28th Aug 2004:  Violence against Women:  Ford Foundation Discussion (Guest of    Honour, Njeeri wa Ngugi), Ford Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya. 
  • 18th June 2004:  Sexuality Workshop, Ford Foundation Workshop, Safari Park Hotel,   Nairobi, Kenya.   
  • 22nd Nov -23rd Dec 2001:  Artist-in-Residence at The Vermont Studio, Vermont, USA.(An interactive and personal exploration of art and writing through discussions, lectures, and studio work).

Paper Presentations at Conferences

  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2007) “Gender and Disability”, paper presented at an  International Conference titled Disability, Culture and Human Rights, organized by  Twaweza Communication and Ford Foundation, 13th -16th June at Lenana Conference Centre,
  • Nairobi.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E., Njogu, K., (2005) “How Can Culture Contribute to Women's Empowerment?” at the UNESCO Consultative Conference titled Empowering Women in  The Great Lakes Region: Violence, Peace and Women's Leadership, at the UNESCO Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2004) “The Impact of Cultural Perceptions on Gender Issues”,  paper presented at an international conference titled Understanding Gender Inequalities, 5th -8th April 2004 at ARC, Egerton University, Kenya. (I was one of four Keynote speakers).
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2003) “How has Art contributed to the making of African 
  • Histories?” at an international conference titled Nairobi Soap Summit: Making Entertainment Useful, 3rd-7th June 2003 at Holiday Inn, Nairobi.  Organized by PCI International and Twaweza Communications, Nairobi Kenya. 
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2003) “Let Me Sing You a Praise Song” (a poem I wrote and recited on 7th June 2003 By Bantu Mwaura at the Closing Ceremony of the Nairobi Soap Summit: Making Entertainment Useful). Organized by PCI International and Twaweza Communications, Nairobi.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1995) “The Art of African Textiles” paper presented at the  Barbican Art Gallery, London, U.K., in Connection with the Exhibition titled “The Art of African Textiles, Technology, Tradition and Lurex”.
  • Orchardson, E. (1982) “Handicrafts:  the Fusion of Labour and Art” paper presented at a Seminar on Material Culture, organized by the Ministry of Social Services and Culture, June 198, at the Whispering Palms Hotel, Mombasa.

Publications and Art Exhibitions


  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2014) Seasons of the Jacarandas, New Generation Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 978-1-910162-81-1
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2013) Travels in the Holy Land and Other Countries. Colourways Products, Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN 978-9966-7489-4-2
  • Orchardson, Elizabeth (2011) Art and Material Culture: a socio-historical study of the Mijikenda. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. ISBN 978-3-8473-0831-7.
  • Orchardson, Elizabeth, (2010) Bittersweet: the Pain and Joy of Being (anthology of poems), Colourways Products, Nairobi. ISBN 978-9966-7489-0-4Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2009) Sheila, Let’s Write to God (children’s story about children living with HIV/AIDS) East African Educational Publishers, Nairobi. (It was awarded Second Position in the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature 2011). ISBN 978-9966-25-595-2.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E., (2007) Nzinga, The Warrior Queen, Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN 9966-22-547-1. (A play based on Queen Nzinga).
  • Digolo, O., Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (reprinted 2006) Art and Design for Forms 1 and 2. East African Educational Publishers, Nairobi. ISBN 9966-46-468-9.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1999) The Adventures of Mekatilili. A Children’s Novel based On the legendary Mekatilili Wa Menza and Mijikenda historical and oral traditions, East African Educational Publishers, Nairobi. ISBN 9966-25-004-2.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1994) A Revision Text in Art and Design for Secondary  Schools, East African Educational Publishers, Nairobi Kenya.  ISBN 9966 46 775-0.
  • Digolo, O., Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1990) Art and Design for Forms Three and Four. Heinemann Kenya Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN 9966-46-686-X.
  • Digolo, O., and Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1988) Art and Design for Forms One. Heinemann Kenya Ltd. Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN 9966-46-468-9.

Chapters In Books

  • Njogu, K. and Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2008) “Culture, Gender Inequality and Women rights in the Great Lakes”, Chapter One, pps. 1-39, in Culture, Performance and  Identity: Paths of Communication in Kenya, Twaweza Communications, Nairobi,  Kenya: ISBN: 9966-7244-1-9.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2006) “The Impact of Cultural Perceptions on Gender Issues”, in Gender Inequalities in Kenya”, Part Four: Cultural Issues, pp. 145-167, UNESCO  (edited by Colin Creighton and Felicia Yieke.): publication ref:  SH2006/WS/1.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2005) “How can Art contribute to the making of African Histories?” in Culture,  Entertainment and Health Promotion in Africa, pp. 153-163,  Population Communications International-Africa, Nairobi, Kenya: ISBN 9966-9743-26.

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E., (2013), “Creativity and Aesthetics in Coastal Women’s Beaded Ornaments,” in the Journal of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, Kenyatta University.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (2005) “A Praise Song for You” (Poem), in Culture,  entertainment and Health Promotion in Africa, pp.223-227. Population Communications International-Africa. Nairobi. ISBN 9966-974-26.
  • Njogu, K., Orchardson-Mazrui, Elizabeth, (2005) “Can Culture Contribute to the  Empowerment of Women?” (UNESCO Research Paper: Available on UNESCO WEBPAGE).
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E., (2005) Contribution in Representing African Art and Culture,  Symposium Africa 2001: Senri Ethnological Reports: 54: National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, (eds. Yukiya Kawaguchi and Kenji Yoshida) ISBN 4-901906-30-5, C3070.  ISSN 1340-6787.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1998) “Expressing Power and Status through Aesthetics in  Mijikenda Society”, Journal of African Cultural Studies, Vol., 11, No. 1. June 1998, pp. 85-102. ISSN 1369-6815.
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1993) “Jangamizi: Spirit and Sculpture”, African Languages  and Cultures   University of London, 6, 2, pp.147-160 (republished in Journal of African Cultural Studies, London.)
  • Orchardson-Mazrui, E. (1989) “Spirit Possession among the Mijikenda”, Kenya Past and Present. Kenya National Museums, Issue 21, pp. 29-32, Nairobi, Kenya.

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