Dr. Beatrice A O. Digolo

Position: Lecturer
Department: Music and Dance
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 - 00100 Nairobi

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Conference Presentation

  • E-Learning as Strategy to enhancing access to Music Education
  • Multicultural Education In Kenya
  • The Role Of Traditional Musician The Changing Culture Among The Luo
  • The Visual And Performing Arts In Early Childhood Education: Development And The Creation Of Meaning
  • The Role Of Performing Arts In National Development In Africa
  • Music Therapy as an experience in traditional African study: The Case of Mwazindika Drum Among the Dawida of Kenya
  • The Ritual Music of Lamu
  • Religion Culture And Globalization In Africa: An Ethnomusicological Perspective
  • Indigenous Music Eductaion and Religion in Kenya: The Academic Crossroads
  • Music Education in Kenya. A Review of Challenges and Experiences


  • An Ethnographic Study Of Nyatiti Instrument Of The Luo Of Kenya


  • Ohangla Drums Of The Luo Perpetuators Of Indigenous Cultures Or Intensifiers Of Neo-Traditional Music Idioms
  • Indigenous Music Education And Religion In Kenya: The Academic Crossroads
  • The Role Of Indigenous Music In Contemporary Kenya

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